Advanced Therapy & Sports Medicine

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Restoring Your Health & Wellness With Therapy & Rehabilitation

Get back to living your life with physical therapy treatment at Advanced Therapy & Sports Medicine, offering three locations in Hays, Learned, and Great Bend, Kansas. Our focus with each patient is to go beyond simple symptom relief to provide targeted solutions that tackle the cause of your pain or mobility issue. Combining a high level of patient care with a friendly and caring environment, we provide the targeted care you require to get back on your feet and start enjoying life again.

Personalized Therapy

Seeing patients from all walks of life and all age groups, we are skilled at recognizing each individual's needs and requirements. This allows us to help you regain your mobility and return to your maximal or previous level of function. We specialize in the following areas of therapy:

• Women's Health
• Balance/Vestibular Rehabilitation
• Spine & Decompression Therapy
• Orthopedic & Sports Rehabilitation (Pre/Post-Surgical)
• Knee, Shoulder, Hand/Wrist, Ankle, Spine
• Foot & Ankle Orthotics
• Biodex Balance Training 
• Orthopedic Physical Therapy
• Spine Therapy
• Sports Injury Rehabilitation
• Balance Rehabilitation
• Neurological Rehabilitation
• Headaches
• Chronic Pain
• Generalized Deconditioning

Astym Therapy

All three of our locations offer Astym therapy, a soft-tissue regenerative medicine technique. This advanced method helps restore your muscles and tendons while removing painful or restrictive scar tissue.

Functional Dry Needling

Staff with Patients

Eliminate myofascial pain with our functional dry needling treatment. Your muscles are stimulated in key trigger points to bring about relief. This therapeutic treatment is only available at our Progressive Physical Therapy location in Hays, Kansas.